ONEOffice Singtel – What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

• Imagine being able to access all your personal data from your PC to your mobile phone at any given moment.

• Imagine being able to share any of those data, be it photos or videos, to any of your friends and family instantly.

• Imagine being able store all these data without the need of any physical storage space and costs. This is Cloud Computing, having every aspect of your life, at your fingertips, ready for use.

The Cloud is All Around Us Today

Whether you know it or not, most of us are most likely to be using cloud-based services, such as Gmail & Google Docs. Only, we do not commonly think of these services in cloud terms. The ability to access all your data in one place, at any instance, brings convenience to users on a whole new level. Features including being able to work on your documents on your mobile while making your way to work, sharing and collaborating on documents in real-time with partners without the need for multiple sends and emails, enhances greater efficiency in your daily life.

ONEOffice Singtel is an example of cloud computing services for business users, featuring a suite of productivity tools that steer business towards greater efficiency and scalability on the cloud. The elimination of physical storage costs and maintenance yet being able to ehance greater productivity in the office, remains one of the key attractive reasons for businesses today to hop on the cloud bandwagon.

In Short, Everything Connects.

catalogue (120×120)With 3 Million businesses already on Google’s Cloud which is called Google Apps; Microsoft introducing Office 365 recently, another latest cloud productivity suite to rival Google Apps; Apple launching their iCloud store to spearhead cloud integration with the music industry, we can be very sure that the cloud is the future of the IT industry.

Is your Business Ready To Move To The Cloud?

ONEOffice Singtel is powered and supported by Google Apps, exclusively for all large, medium and small enterprises in Singapore. To understand whether cloud technology is for you, whether your business ie ready to take the next leap in technology, arrange a slot with our ONEOffice SingTel Specialist to take on a FREE guided tour on the inside interface and features of ONEOffice.

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The Benefits of ONEOffice Singtel

Benefits of ONEOFFICE Singtel


  • Access your documents anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-time editing on all your documents with anybody, anywhere
  • Communicate with your co-workers & partners globally
  • Save your chat history conveniently in your email client
  • Receive SMS alerts of your daily appointment schedule
  • Create & share multiple calendars
  • Organize events easily

Cost Savings

  • Reduction in software and hardware cost overheads
  • Easy administration without hassle in getting IT expertise
  • Conduct virtual presentations and save on travel costs
  • Monthly subscription payments as compared to yearly
  • Get better cash flow!
  • Eliminate physical server storage costs.

Easy to Navigate

  • Powerful inbuilt search that makes email searching easy
  • Create professional websites, intranets and extranets without any programming knowledge


  • Powerful built-in filtering that prevents spam and virus
  • Completed a SAS 70 Type II Audit


  • Access controls gives you control over who individual access over every document


  • Platform and device independent
  • Stay upgraded with the latest versions and features without losing its functionality

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An Introduction to ONEOffice Singtel

ONEOffice Singtel offers greater productivity and collaboration for enterprises and employees. It comprises of a suite of tools such as email, calender, document, sites, eSMS and eFax services.

ONEOffice Singtel – Your ONE-Stop Business Solution

ONEOffice SingTel is the one-stop business solution for enterprises. With a range of productivity tools in ONEOffice Singtel, enterprises achieve much greater efficiency at a lower cost. Discover how your business can reduce your costs today with ONEOffice Singtel with the suite of tools and network security tools all provided and taken care by SingTel.

ONEOffice Singtel Features:
ONEOffice Singtel Image1

  • Communicate online with your customers, suppliers and partners
  • Collaborate real time on any documents with your colleagues!
  • Build an Intranet easily without any coding knowledge
  • Schedule Appointments Easily by Sharing and viewing everyone’s calendar
  • 25GB of email space per user, 50 times the industry average.
  • Develop your own website with pre-design templates and 12.5GB of hosting space.
  • Send faxes and SMSes directly from your PC.